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Modern Equipment

Analytical Section

 pH Meter.

 Conductivity meter.

 Microscope. (Digital)

 Digital Precision Weighting Machine.

 TLC Apparatus & UV Cabinet.

 Hot Air Oven.

 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.

 Distillation unit

 Mortar & Pistil.

Glass Ware.

Volumetric Flusk -1 liter(2 pis), 250 ml(2 pis), 100 ml(2 pis),

Beaker – 500ml (2 pis),

Funnel – 250 ml (2 pis),

Pipette (0.1 ml to 10 ml) with stand

Conical flask (250 ml)

Measuring cylinder – 500 ml, 100 ml, 20 ml.


Alcohol Meter, density hydrometer.

Polari meter

Water Bath.

Test tube Stand.

Thermometer, (°C & °F )

Ointment Section

Starrer machine.

Ointment Jacket Vat.

Automatic heat selling machine.

Ointment filling machine.

Weighting Machine.

8 pic Vat.

SS Palta, Scoop,

Measuring cylinder, (500 ml, 100 ml)

Measuring Mug , ( 2 liter)

Packing Section

 2 pis Cartoon Binding Machine.

Manual Tape Binding Machine.

Dilution Section

 Alcohol filling Machine.

 Measuring cylinder, (500 ml, 100 ml, 20 ml )

 Measuring Mug ,   

1 lit – 1 pc

2 lit – 1 pc

500 ml – 2 pc

SS Funnel.      

450 ml X 4 pc

100 ml X 4 pc

Manual Stoke Machine,

Density Measuring Hydrometer.

Patent Bottling Section

Molt filling Machine.

Small Sealing Machine.( Manual)

Automatic Sealing Machine.

Automatic Patent Filling ( 2 pis )

Inspection table.

Labeling machine. (Auto)

Label Batch Printing Machine. (Auto)

Patent filling Storage

Convair table

Cartoon batch printing Machine. (Module )

Manual cap sealing machine

Manual labeling Machine

Heat Pop Sealing machine

Combination Section

Patent Staring Machine.

Mixing Vat – 1000 Liter * 3 pc

Supply Pump ( 1 HP)

Weighting Machine ( 30 kg Capacity )

Measuring Cylinder –

500 ml X 1 pc

100 ml X 1 pc

Hand Stairer

Two Bucket

Syrup Jacket Vat


SS Vat –

50 Liter X 2

100 Liter X 3

Herb Grinding Section

Grinding Machine.

Manual Chopper.

Weighting Machine. (100 kg Capacity)

Vacuum Cleaner.

Safety Equipment

DM Plant

1000 Liter * 2 pc DM Plant

Online Conductivity Meter. (2 pc)

Tablet Section

Tablet coating Pan.

Drum mixture.

Manual Heat sealing Machine.

Multimill or Tablet Granulator.

Mass Mixture.


Tablet shifter.

Tablet tray.

Weighting Machine.

Trituration Machine.

Tablet Punch & Tool Box.

Strip Packing.

Blister Packing


Air Compressor.

3 types Sieve.

Steel Scoop.

Ss  Can

Measuring Cylinder. ( 500 ml, 200 ml )


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