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Authentic Feedstock

Purusottam Homeo Bikash Labratories Provide Herbs, minerals and organic feedstock of stringent specifications are from quality products to all the vendors in India. Organic herbs ( grown without the use of fertilizer and pesticides ), are collected at the appropriate time for maximum richness in active constituents.

Here we follow the maximizing efficacy of the medicines, stress is placed on using fresh herbs as far as logistically feasible. This involves heavy investment in infrastructure for procuring and processing herbs in bulk in season and storing the mother tinctures in sterile condition. no cost or effort is spared for ensuring this. But in spite of them Purusottam Homeo Bikash Labratories Doctors and trainee are do a very hard work for producing fresh Quality products.


What Our Clients Say

I am a big fan of Purusottam Homoeo Bikash Laboratory, every medicine works magically.


I suffered from Covid & took only PHBL’s dilution & now i’m fit & fine absolutely and living a healthy life.


The PURUSOTTAM’s Rheumacur is the most selling item of my clinic….